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About the Agency

We Have 10 Years Of Experience

  • Have latest technical know-how
  • Use bio degradable products
  • Having high retention rate of clients as well as employees
  • CHS complies with all provisions of Labor Laws
What we do

Our Services

Residential Services

  • General Cleans
  • Deep & Semi deep Cleans
  • Shower & Grout-floor Tile Cleanings
  • Moveout cleanings
  • Quick cleans & Trash Removal

AirBnB Cleaning

  • Air BNB Turnover
  • Turn Overs W/Laundry Make Ready
  • Detailed Cleaning Refil/Restock
  • Errand Runs/You order we pick up & Deliver

Supply Stock

  • Hand Soap- Dish Soap- Sanitizer
  • Bathroom Cleaner/Disinfectant
  • Air Fresher
  • Dish pods detergent pods/laundry detergent bleach
  • Garbage Bags
  • Shampoo conditioner body wash
  • All with Backups and refills lasts upto 7 weeks

Bulk laundry

  • Toilet Paper - Paper Towels
  • Sponge / Dish Towel
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • Comforters and blankets service

Some Previous Projects

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Customer Satisfaction


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Frequently Asked Questions

We make use of friendly- non harsh unless required/requested

minimum 2 hours - 5 hours deep cleans take the longest-May tag team the cleaning for faster progress

Yes $30-$100. depending on size of home flat rate

yes if it’s over 35 minutes to drive -25$ travel fee

Yes I do Includes General area floors stairwells bathrooms and 1 room of choice with dusting 3 bedrooms & up starting @$125 pets $20 extra - for larger homes - Smaller homes $65 &up

Locations of Operation

We are very close to your doorstep; we serve 50 miles around Dallas, TX. Contact us for your cleaning services...

Meet Our Team

Our Team

Meet the team of cleaners that makes cleaning easier for you and gives your house the look you have always wanted it to have.

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